credit: Bobbie Bartlette

Visit one of the pages below to see what’s happening on Lolo Creek.

Creek Data 2015

In 2015, Lolo Watershed Group and the Watershed Education Network took out Lolo middle school 6th graders to collect and prepare stream data. View their results here!

Low Water Event

Low snow pack years can lead to low water events on Lolo Creek. Take a look at these examples and how you can help!

Channel Migration Zones

Channel migration is a natural phenomenon caused by high flow and eroding river banks. It can cause damage to roads, bridges, as well as property.

Drought and Stream flows

The Clark Fork Coalition did a case study on Lolo Creek focusing on drought and stream flows. Take a look at it here.

Technical Resources

Take a look at our Watershed Restoration Plan, TMDLs, and more!