Current Work

Big Sky Watershed Corps

2019 BSWC member- Lauren Herbine

Lolo Watershed Group is in its fourth year of hiring a full time Big Sky Watershed Corp (BSWC) member. The BSWC member is responsible for planning and volunteer generation for our quarterly outreach events, creating quarterly newsletters, updating our social media, hosting education events, helping build our capacity through grant writing and volunteer generation, and writing reports, among many other possibilities. Having a BSWC has been extremely beneficial in helping us to complete all of our desired tasks. In 2016, we had Joe Krenzelok as our BSWC. He helped us with grant funding, volunteer generation, project logistics and updated our website. In 2017, we had Kaeli Wells as our BSWC member.  She planned the 6th grade field trip to Lolo Creek, updated our volunteer management system, and researched grants for the following year. In 2018  Abby Cutting-Smith joined us. She worked on updating the website, helped to plan the 6th grade field trip to Lolo Creek, and explored fundraising and restoration options. For 2019, Lauren Herbine will be our BSWC member. We are excited to see what projects we are able to accomplish this year having a BSWC and are excited to continue having members in the future.

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Future Events

Check back to see what we have planned for 2018!