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Make a difference in the community by helping to preserve the natural beauty of Lolo Watershed.

Thank you to all that came and helped out with our spring planting project along Lolo Creek! These newly planted trees are thirsty and need to be watered throughout the summer. We are currently looking for volunteers to help water these trees from July to September. They need to be watered once a week. If you have an interest in helping us water them once, twice, or all, contact us.



Lolo Creek Revegetation Project:

Summer Sapling Watering

Are you looking for a reason to get outside this summer?

Look no further!

We’re looking for volunteers to help water saplings at our Lolo Creek Revegetation Project sites.

Watering schedules are flexible, and you can volunteer just once, or many times, depending on your preference.

We have the watering pumps, hoses, and other materials needed to water the saplings. All we need is you!



Contact information:




Map link: https://goo.gl/maps/DuitPdAb8b52





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